Étiquette : The Pà Thẻn (巴哼族人 – 瑶族) Ethnic Group in Vietnam

The Pà Thẻn (巴哼族人 – 瑶族) Ethnic Group in Vietnam

The Pà Thẻn (巴哼族人 – 瑶族) Ethnic Group in Vietnam

Ajoutée le 5 mars 2016

The Pà Thẻn (巴哼) people are an ethnic group closely related to the Hmong/Miao and Mien/Yao people, but they are officially recognized as their own people in Vietnam. Linguists have said that they speak part of the Miao-Yao (Hmong-Mien) language family cluster, and that their language is a divergent Miao language that branched off from the Miao language group. In China, they are categorized part of the Yao people (瑶族) where they lived in Hunan province, Guizhou province, and Guangxi province. They are known as Hong Yao (Red Yao 红瑶), Hua Yao (Flowery Yao 花瑶), and Ba Xing Yao (Eight Surname Yao 八姓瑶). Even though they are categorized as Yao people, linguists says that their language is more Miao, than Yao. It is believed this group of Pa Then migrated off from Guangxi province to Vietnam. In their legends, they believed their people began with 8 original clans (8 surnames) in the beginning of their people. They like the color red because it symbolized of hope and vitality. They wore red from top to bottom is because their ancestors saw the color red to be the symbol for fire birds living in the forests in which they respect and love very much. On Pa Then’s clothing also have a very important dog pattern as well. The dog on their clothing is said to be their ancestor’s savior. The Pa Then people were said to be left in hunger and cannot grow food. A dog swam over across from the other side of the sea to give them rice seeds, and feed themselves. From that point on their ancestors commemorate the dog on their clothing pattern very much in which have saved their people’s lives. From my overall thought about this group, I can say their stories and legends are very closely related to both Hmong/Miao, and Mien/Yao at the same time, but in Vietnam they are categorized as their own group because they do not see they are Hmong (H’Mong/Miao) or Mien (Dao/Yao).