Étiquette : Satana Lero Wapezeka Ndiwe Edzi

Satana Lero Wapezeka Ndiwe Edzi , MALAWI- AFRICA

Satana Lero Wapezeka Ndiwe Edzi , MALAWI- AFRICA

Ajoutée le 7 déc. 2015

Translated: Satan Today You Are Found in AIDS. Rough recording with camera microphone at Butterfly Space, Nkhata Bay, Malawi. July 2015 by Moto Wambili Studios for Spare Dog Records.

Full studio recorded album ‘Abale Ndikuwuzeni’, released on 7th December 2015:

For people who like iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/gb/album

For a better deal for you and the artist: http://gaspernali.bandcamp.com