Étiquette : NGUYỄN VĨNH BẢO : ĐỜN CA TÀI TỬ / Music of the amateurs

NGUYỄN VĨNH BẢO : ĐỜN CA TÀI TỬ / Music of the amateurs


Music of the amateurs


Today, we are confronting the hybridization of the Đờn Ca Tài Tử.  A number of experts musicians have passed away. Many people want to study traditional music, but teaching manuals are scarce. If a manual is found, it really does not help for the student cannot learn without a teacher. A few parents, encourage their children to study the Western music. The fact can be explained by many reasons: Teachers of Western music have pedagogical methods that are easy to implement. With knowledge of the West, it is easy to make living. Have the prospect to travel across the world, to attend International Music Meetings, etc …. There are many unconscious reasons why some young generation have turned their backs on traditional music. The first reason is that the subtle diversity of traditional music are rarely displayed for young people to appreciate. No one explains to them  the complementary nature of today’s international society and traditional artistic culture, and especially the very shortest space needed for nations to link together, understand one another, and love one another.

The teacher’s home is usually his studio and available for music lessons.. The repertoire is maintained entirely by memory and passed down through practice. Neither notation system have a definite majority. Students do not read the notation learn the entire piece by imitating the teacher. Usually, the teacher also plays, or sings as he plays. The resultant melody vary from teacher to teacher as well in different pieces. The teaching, necessary requires both theory and practice. The teacher has to expect loyalty from his student, and the student, instinctively feels veneration towards him, and calls him “Sư-Phụ”. The word “Sư-Phụ” in Vietnamese has far greater implication than the term “teacher” does in English. 

August 19, 2019

Vĩnh-Bảo 102 years old