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GAMELAN and MUSIC for Cremation Ceremony in UBUD, Bali

GAMELAN and MUSIC for Cremation Ceremony in UBUD, Bali

Published on Nov 15, 2013

A collection of Music from Ubud Bali with Gamelan Music and rhythmic based music for Cremation Ceremony which is an important event of Balinese people..
Inhalt / Content of music video::
1. Gamelan music for Barong Puri Menara 8:31
2. Music for Barong Puri Menara Crew 2:22
3. Music Rehearsal Sambahan Youth Commun. 4:54
4. Rehearsal of Music for Cremation Ceremony 3:28
5. Full Performance of music for Cremation 14:34
6. Music for a Royal Cremation Ceremony before Procession in streets of Ubud 4:57
Jens Egert (Sarod) Indian String Instrument is playing a short melody
based on a typical balinese 5 tone scale. C-E-F-G-B-C
the original purpose of beleganjur was to accompany armies into battle and strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. In fact, gamelan beleganjur literally means gamelan of walking warriors. Also like its Western counterpart, today beleganjur has mostly lost its association with warfare, and instead is associated with festivals, contests, and cremation ceremonies.
Gamelan beleganjur is essential to the Hindu religious ceremonies of Bali. There are rites to appease evil spirits and honor good ones, temple festivals to celebrate the anniversary of a temple’s dedication, and cremation ceremonies to cleanse the souls of the deceased and prepare them for reincarnation.
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