Étiquette : Asia (English version)

To the origins of music – Africa, Asia (English version)

To the origins of music – Africa, Asia (English version)

Ajoutée le 4 janv. 2017

If there exists a diversity in the great array of cultures in the world, it is exemplified in all the music we choose to call « traditional ». But, behind this amorphous term, emerges another universe…the one of communication.
The great story of human communication starts in the recesses of daily life : to maintain or reestablish social harmony, to educate, to seduce, to stimulate…all those functions that enable Humanity to flourish. Besides, humans develop vocal techniques, sonorous tools, languages and strategies that let them communicate over distances. Then, fifty thousand years ago, they conceive the design of communication with the Invisible, in order to develop religious awareness. In Africa and Asia, even today, there are societies retaining a traditional way of life that have kept tools and techniques and strategies of communication whose origins reach far back in the past. This film is an invitation to take this timeless trip back to the beginnings.
Directed by Patrick Kersalé
© Patrick Kersalé 2012