Traditional guzheng music by Liu Fang: 平湖秋月, 劉芳古箏獨奏

Traditional guzheng music by Liu Fang: 平湖秋月, 劉芳古箏獨奏

Uploaded on Feb 9, 2012

« Autumn moon over a calm lake » – This beautiful piece marvelously performed by Liu Fang at a solo concert in Venice, at the Teatro Fondamenta Nuove di Venezia in 2011, thanks to the presentation of The Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies, in collaboration with the Confucius Institute of Venice, University Ca ‘Foscari of Venice, and the European Foundation for Chinese Music Research (CHIME).

About the music:
Autumn moon over a calm lake (平湖秋月)– Composed by Lu Wencheng (1898-1981) based on a folk melody from Zhejiang Province, however in a traditional Cantonese music style. The inspiration was from the beautiful Xihu (The West Lake) near Hangzhou (capital of Xhejiang). The music is soothing and relaxing with a sense quiet happiness, depicting the soft breeze blowing over the calm lake in the evening with threes branches swinging gently on the lake shore and the lotus flowers floating on the lake.

Information about Liu Fang:

Musique classique chinoise: Lune d’automne sur un lac calme – L’un des plus célèbres airs traditionnelles de la province de Guangdong, cette pièce est composée par Lu Wenchang, décrivant la belle scène de la nature et de l’humeur régénérée.




Rak and Targus feat. Vi An Diep (funkiest guzheng artist) | Live Improvisation @ OFF BEAT pt.1

Rak and Targus feat. Vi An Diep (funkiest guzheng artist) | Live Improvisation @ OFF BEAT pt.1

Ajoutée le 1 déc. 2014

Rak and Targus live improvised collaboration with Vi An Diep

Rak’s Bandcamp:

Vi An’s Bandcamp:

Chinese Vietnamese Artist Vi An Diep On Guzheng (箏)

Chinese Vietnamese Artist Vi An Diep On Guzheng (箏)

Ajoutée le 4 mars 2007

Calgary independent solo artist and improviser on Gu Zheng and other Asian long zithers including Koto and Dan tranh. Rare clip of her live. Original composition in the moment entitled « The Offering ».


Vi An at Kawa, Nov. 2014

Vi An at Kawa, Nov. 2014

Ajoutée le 24 nov. 2014

Vi An played on Zheng (Guzheng) and Lokey on Push at very popular coffee shop Kawa (Calgary).

The Zheng or Guzheng is the parent instrument of the Asian long zither family. Originally believed to have been invented during the Qin Dynasty (897-221 BC).

Music (c)2014 by Vi An Diep (23 stringed zheng long zither) of Vi An MUSIC feat. Leif Olson (electronica).
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Only One Finale (for 36 stringed zheng long zither) by Vi An Diep.

Only One Finale (for 36 stringed zheng long zither) by Vi An Diep.

Ajoutée le 3 oct. 2013

So far the only 36 stringed zheng, Taiwanese made long zither in the world. Great innovation it was about time this was invented(?), innovated at least, because this is my first time improvising on one this grand of a size! Grateful to the luthier and to Sonia Liu of Vancouver’s « Crystal Gu-zheng Centre » for allowing me this great honour to share.