Jour : 24 septembre 2021

D’ont be a noob with your spoon

D’ont be a noob with your spoon

6,086 viewsApr 17, 20201704ShareSaveMononcle Simon 141 subscribers The basic of the rythm & hold your spoons to play music. Advise before playing, tips for your hand to hold the spoons and the potential in general of this instrument. To play the quebecers folk rythm, you hit the first time on your thigh on the beat for a quater note and you do an eighth note starting on your thigh and hand. Hope that was clear? In anycase you’ll see during the video. To hold the spoons in your hands: The first spoon wil be hold by your thumb and your index finger. You will see with those fingers that you have a good contrôle of the first spoon. You can hold it very tight or not. It’s always as you wish. For the second spoon, the way I hold it is between my index finger and my major. With the others I make sure to hold fermely both spoons ends. Let me know if you have any other tips for beguinner or what really helped you in this video.