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Khaen Master Nouthong Phimvilayphone playing Lotfai talang

Khaen Master Nouthong Phimvilayphone playing Lotfai talang

Published on Oct 17, 2012

Khaen master Nouthong Phimvilayphone plays Lotfai Talang near his home close to Pakxe in south Laos. The melody and rhythm imitate the sounds of a train. Nouthong lived in France for many years together with a number of other Lao immigrants and they performed around Europe with the troupe « Molam Lao », that has been released on CD by Nimbus Records. Phimvilayphone is also a master player of other instruments than the khaen; for instance the Ranat (xylophone) and the Kachapi (folk guitar). A number of years ago he moved back to southern Laos, farming sticky rice and enjoying life. The khaen that Nouthong plays on this recording is a G-minor khaen made by Ajarn Somdee. Recorded in August 2012 with a Canon PowerShot S80.