Berimbau Metal

Berimbau Metal

Published on Mar 27, 2017

Berimbau Dubstep with Andrew Huang:
Video chatting about the berimbau on the 2nd Channel:

Berimbau only version:

Metal on instruments that aren’t playlist:…

The Berimbau I’m using:

Drums by Nick Pierce:
Mixed by Ryan « Fluff » Bruce:
Camera moves by Jeff Linville:
Video edit by Jake Jarvi:…

This video was made possible because of Patreon support from Cody Melcher, Rob Harper, Charles Jones, Jedidiah Silvertooth, Andy « VaultsOfExtoth » Wears, Joe Cseko jr, Walter Zwinger, Josh Fittler, Risking The Fall, Brandon Ruf, Stefan Gunn, Eric Felton, Hypergnome, Joe Thomas, Kasper Williams, Tilman Harms, David Kearney, Quintin Waldner, Rakaus Elama, Ryan James, Damon Burks, Robin Bressani, Kaelan Saunders, Joel Goodwin, Charisse Romero, Victor Alexandersen, Pedro Nunes, Daniel Hill, Haroon Rahman, Tyler Fienman, Jean-Gabriel Labrèche & many other awesome people on my Patreon page
Thank you so much!

Music videos go on the main. Everything and anything else is posted on my 2nd Channel:

Vine: @RobScallon

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