Lachrymae – an unmissable đàn bầu concert by French jazzman Sylvain Streiff, Hanoi , october 2016

Social News 24/10

Lachrymae – an unmissable dàn bau concert

French artist Sylvain Streiff, Canadian guitarist Alex Formosa and Vietnamese pianist Phúc Phan will team up for a dàn b?u (monochord) concert at Manzi Art Space tomorrow night.

The Vietnamese dàn b?u, ubiquitous across a wide range of Vietnamese folk music genres, is remarkable for its eerily vocal timbre, its wide three-octave range, and above all its ghostly glissando and pitch bends. The programme’s title – Lachrymae, Latin for tears – refers to the instrument’s hauntingly plaintive tone.

This experimental chamber music programme at Manzi uses dàn b?u for a collection of late-19th, early-20th French and German art songs. The instrument lends its natural expressivity to the romanticism of early Berg and Richard Strauss, the jazziness of Satie and Roussel, and the poetry of Debussy.

Streiff, originally a jazz artist, started to learn Vietnamese folk music instruments, including dàn b?u, dàn nguy?t (moon-shaped lute), in 2013.

The special concert will start at 8pm. Manzi is at 14 Phan Huy Ích Street. Surcharge: VNÐ200,000/person.



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