Traditional guzheng music by Liu Fang: 平湖秋月, 劉芳古箏獨奏

Traditional guzheng music by Liu Fang: 平湖秋月, 劉芳古箏獨奏

Uploaded on Feb 9, 2012

« Autumn moon over a calm lake » – This beautiful piece marvelously performed by Liu Fang at a solo concert in Venice, at the Teatro Fondamenta Nuove di Venezia in 2011, thanks to the presentation of The Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies, in collaboration with the Confucius Institute of Venice, University Ca ‘Foscari of Venice, and the European Foundation for Chinese Music Research (CHIME).

About the music:
Autumn moon over a calm lake (平湖秋月)– Composed by Lu Wencheng (1898-1981) based on a folk melody from Zhejiang Province, however in a traditional Cantonese music style. The inspiration was from the beautiful Xihu (The West Lake) near Hangzhou (capital of Xhejiang). The music is soothing and relaxing with a sense quiet happiness, depicting the soft breeze blowing over the calm lake in the evening with threes branches swinging gently on the lake shore and the lotus flowers floating on the lake.

Information about Liu Fang:

Musique classique chinoise: Lune d’automne sur un lac calme – L’un des plus célèbres airs traditionnelles de la province de Guangdong, cette pièce est composée par Lu Wenchang, décrivant la belle scène de la nature et de l’humeur régénérée.




Une réflexion au sujet de « Traditional guzheng music by Liu Fang: 平湖秋月, 劉芳古箏獨奏 »

  1. I heard you in Switzerland a few years ago already … You played the Pipa … I had told you that I had felt the breath in your games so much your touch is all in finesse. On a string instrument it is a real performance. Listening to you here I find again all this refine way of playing which impossible to learn, but only possible for those who have reached the absolute heart of music. It is a marvel for those who hope to receive this gift and you are able to give it. We do not know each other but I must tell you I’m full of gratitude to you for this extremely rare and precious gift you give to those who deeply love the sound world.


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