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Kecak – Bali

Kecak – Bali

Published on Jan 7, 2017

This sequence of « tourist » kecak sung and performed by the troupe « Krama Desa Adat Ubud Kaja » was filmed in Ubub in October 2005.

ACT 1: Rama, Sita and the Golden Deer
Rama, Sita and Laksamana enter the stage followed by a golden deer whose beauty attracts Sita. She asks her husband to catch it $ and Rama dutifully leaves asking Laksamana to protect Sita in his absence. Soon a cry for help is heard and Sita believing it to be that of her husband sending Laksamana to rescue him.

ACT 2: Sita and the giant ogre King Rahwana
The giant ogre King Rahwana appears, kidnaps Sita and takes her to his palace, Alengka.

ACT 3: Sita, Trijata and Hanuman
Sita bemoans her misfortune to Rahwana’s niece, Trijata, in the palace grounds. Hanuman, the white monkey appears and tells the distraught Sita that he is Rama’s envoy as he shows the Rama’s ring. Sita gives Hanuman her hairpin to take back to her husband with an angry message to rescue her.

ACT 4: Rama, Megananda (Indrajit) and Garuda
This is the battle scene in which Rama faces King Rahwana’s son, Megananda who aims at Rama with a magic arrow. The arrow turns into a dragon in flight who later trusses Rama up in rapes. In absolute desperation, Rama calls his ally the Garuda for help. The Garuda appears and fress Rama from the clutches of the dragon.

ACT 5: Rama, Sugriva and Megananda
The king of the monkeys, Sugriva appears and does battle with Megananda who is defeated, leaving Rama and his family to return home.