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Rebuilding the musical instruments of the ancient Khmer (VF + VFSTe)

Rebuilding the musical instruments of the ancient Khmer (VF + VFSTe)

Ajoutée le 26 févr. 2016

Rebuilding the musical instruments of the ancient Khmer

French ethnomusicologist and archaeomusicologist Patrick Kersalé has spent over 25 years in Asia, searching for historic instruments and studying surviving traditional music. But it was not enough for him. He has spent the past 4 years investigating musical instruments from the Angkorian world, through the iconography, inscriptions and archaeological objects. Based on that research, Kersalé has been able to rebuild extinct Angkorian instruments from the 7th to 13th centuries! Several kinds of harps, monochord zithers, cymbals, drums, trumpets, and conches have thus literally been brought back to life !

Reconstitution des instruments musicaux des Khmers anciens

L’ethnomusicologue et archéomusicologue français Patrick Kersalé sillonne l’Asie depuis plus de 25 ans, à la recherche des instruments et des musiques anciennes. Mais cela ne lui suffisait pas. Il a passé les quatre dernières années à étudier les instruments de musique du monde angkorien, à travers l’iconographie, des inscriptions et des objets archéologiques. Sur la base de cette recherche, Patrick Kersalé a été en mesure de proposer des reconstitutions d’instruments joués entre 7 au 16ème siècle! Harpes, monocordes, cithares, cymbales, tambours, trompettes, conques et hautbois ont ainsi été littéralement ramené à la vie!

Mysteries of the Khmer harp

Mysteries of the Khmer harp

Ajoutée le 9 avr. 2016

Mysteries of the Khmer harp
The Khmer harp, which has probably been missing since the 14th c. from Cambodia, fantasize generations of musicians and intellectuals. The ethnomusicologist Patrick Kersalé has been exploring remote areas of Southeast Asia and India for more than 20 years, tracks the footsteps of this legendary instrument to try to unravel the mystery. His dream: to rebuild the Angkorian harp and restore the orchestras of the glorious past of the Khmer Empire.

ពិណខ្មែរ វិដេអូឯកសារ (Pin Khmer Documentary)

ពិណខ្មែរ វិដេអូឯកសារ (Pin Khmer Documentary)

Ajoutée le 7 févr. 2015

ពិណខ្មែរ វិដេអូឯកសារ (Pin Khmer Documentary) តាមរយៈវីដេអូ នេះអាចបញ្ជាក់បានថា ឧបករណ៍ភ្លេង បុរាណរបស់ខ្មែរ មានច្រើនបែប ច្រើនសណ្ឋានណាស់ ហើយក៏អាចនៅមាន ប្រភេទឧបករណ៍ភ្លេង មួយចំនួនទៀត ដែលពួកយើង មិនធ្លាប់បាន ឃើញនិងស្គាល់ នោះឡើយ៕

ដូច្នេះ ចង់ដឹងថា តើរូបរាង និងសម្លេង របស់ពិណខ្មែរ ស្រស់ស្អាត និងពិរោះយ៉ាងណា នោះសូមទស្សនា វីដេអូឯកសារ ទាំងអស់គ្នា

Pin Khmer Documentary indicate that ancient Khmer musical instrument has a very wide range, and have some type of musical instrument that we have ever seen and known.

So, want to know what the look and sound of the Pin Khmer nice, visit all of the Documentary