Jour : 3 septembre 2016



Observing the itinerary of our contemporary society, even after 25 years, we still have some fields to explore. Our starting point always comes up through a mix of various elements, at the same time musical, personal and societal.

FAMILY SOUNDS, the common thread running for this 25th edition of Festival Musicale Del Mediterraneo, results from a social need, reflection of an occidental approach to music: music in occidental families has a certain presence, whereas in traditional families of the rest of the world constantly present, narration, day to day action; creating moments of unity where sharing of knowledge, values and culture are orally transmitted. Represented and belonging to itself, Music in families can be leit motiv of a style of life, condition of practice and personal development, with an arrival, in many cases, to a professional heritage from fathers to sons. 

FAMILY SOUNDS’ goal aims to retell how life can be harmonious if music was part of every single home, recalling the joy contained in this way of expression.

FAMILY SOUNDS, offers a selection of musical performances realized by families from three different generations, ensembles of sisters & brothers, sons of art, and so on.

 Artist coming from 13 different countries, with “FAMILY SOUNDS” from the oldest grandfather to the youngest nephew, as in the case of Khan Family from India or Trio Chemirani, father and son from Iran, travelling through Syria too, with dervish relatives, and even the Henry Girls, Mc Laughin Irish sisters  and Family Bisserov from Bulgary. Arriving to Italy with Tenores di Silanus from Sardegna, Taranta Family Gianuzzi from Salerno and Kyoshindo Family Parisi. Furthermore, sons and artistic brothers, as for Filippo Gambetta and Roger Eno, and even a special production La Famiglia Armonica around Tran Quang Hai and the Didjeridoo player and instrument maker Andrea Ferroni. Danses and rythms from Burkina Faso with Madou Zon Family and a tribute to Paco de Lucia with the guitars of Familia Carmona.

   One of the particularities of the past editions is the opening of prestigious locations of the Historical City of Genoa: Palaces, Courtyards of Via Garibaldi, Cloisters and The Museum of World Cultures, Castello d’Albertis. Free shows will be held in Piazza San Lorenzo, Piazza Bianchi, Piazza Lavagna and Maddalena. A special event this year in a Fortress, planning a concert and a party for families and children.

The Festival has the sponsorship of Italian National Commission for UNESCO, for its cultural value, and is supported by Compagnia di San Paolo, Comune di Genova, Regione Liguria, Chamber of Commerce, Coop Liguria, Tasco, Fondazione Palazzo Ducale, Istituto Studi Orientali “Celso”, Musei di Genova. Media partners: Mentelocale & LineaTrad.

Artistic direction is from Davide Ferrari, creator of Festival Musicale Del Mediterraneo.

Production: Echo Art.


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