Jour : 22 mars 2016

Rak and Targus feat. Vi An Diep (funkiest guzheng artist) | Live Improvisation @ OFF BEAT pt.1

Rak and Targus feat. Vi An Diep (funkiest guzheng artist) | Live Improvisation @ OFF BEAT pt.1

Ajoutée le 1 déc. 2014

Rak and Targus live improvised collaboration with Vi An Diep

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Elevated Etiquette September – Vi An Diep

Elevated Etiquette September – Vi An Diep

Ajoutée le 26 sept. 2014

Come check out this months’ feature performer Vi An Diep @Cafe Koi (1011 1 St SW, Calgary, AB)

The legendary Zheng played brilliantly by this amazing soul. Doors open at 8PM. Hosted by snkr face and Rubix with DJ Jayzen.

Party Quest Crew will be in full affect!

This is also a little bit of a festival debrief as we had fun last weekend at good ol’ #Fozzyfest!

#Jazzlib #freestylimpics #contraverse #cafekoi #grimreminder #PQC

DIEP VI AN trở thành dân xứ Canada (gốc Việt), là nhạc sĩ đàn tranh Việt Nam, Trung quốc và Nhật Bản .

Vietnamese - Canadian, independent & full-time, professional, contemporary World music recording Artist and composer who improvises intuitively every original piece of music - specializing in Asian long zithers, mainly on the Chinese 'zheng' (箏) 21 and 28 stringed long zithers.

Self-taught, real time composer + intuitive improviser on various Asian long zither instruments including Japanese koto and Vietnamese dan tranh.  Other instruments include synthesizers and various hand percussion instruments.

Subscribe if you support authentic creative expressions, collaboration, community, preservation, activism and sincere innovation.  I yearn to contribute to the vast world of Asian long zither music out there but remain steadfast to never 'sell out' by appeasing to the masses.  

I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose, though I have every reason to share and grow as an original artist!

Chinese Vietnamese Artist Vi An Diep On Guzheng (箏)

Chinese Vietnamese Artist Vi An Diep On Guzheng (箏)

Ajoutée le 4 mars 2007

Calgary independent solo artist and improviser on Gu Zheng and other Asian long zithers including Koto and Dan tranh. Rare clip of her live. Original composition in the moment entitled « The Offering ».


Vi An at Kawa, Nov. 2014

Vi An at Kawa, Nov. 2014

Ajoutée le 24 nov. 2014

Vi An played on Zheng (Guzheng) and Lokey on Push at very popular coffee shop Kawa (Calgary).

The Zheng or Guzheng is the parent instrument of the Asian long zither family. Originally believed to have been invented during the Qin Dynasty (897-221 BC).

Music (c)2014 by Vi An Diep (23 stringed zheng long zither) of Vi An MUSIC feat. Leif Olson (electronica).
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Only One Finale (for 36 stringed zheng long zither) by Vi An Diep.

Only One Finale (for 36 stringed zheng long zither) by Vi An Diep.

Ajoutée le 3 oct. 2013

So far the only 36 stringed zheng, Taiwanese made long zither in the world. Great innovation it was about time this was invented(?), innovated at least, because this is my first time improvising on one this grand of a size! Grateful to the luthier and to Sonia Liu of Vancouver’s « Crystal Gu-zheng Centre » for allowing me this great honour to share.